October 21, 2016


Good information to know!        Insurance 101


Know you stuff ~

home2          Allows you to keep an inventory of the contents of your home.


Everplans ~

file-cabinet          Important insurance and financial documents you need to organize and share.


How Long to Keep Documents ~

documents          Documents – Which ones to keep and for how long.


Gather These Documents ~

newspaper2          The 25 documents you need before you die.


Aging Parents ~

aging          Tips to care for aging parents


Look up your vehicle’s value on Kelley Blue Book or NADA.  Insurance companies can use either one of these sites or a combination of the two.  Some companies also use their own valuation software.  This will give you a good starting point.

          Kelley Blue Book   or  NADA


Do you have a teenage driver?  Consider reviewing our Parent/Teen Driving Contract!

          Parent/Teen Driving Contract


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Long Term Care

Water/Sewer Backup

Information To Know Before You Buy A Car

WHY does my car insurance keep going UP?