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Long-Term Care, that scary phrase no one wants to talk about. I think part of the reason that people are scared of the words Long Term Care is because it is associated with the end or our lives and let’s face it, no one wants to talk about that. And because when many people think of nursing homes, bad images come to mind. But allow me to show you what Long-Term care has to offer today, you may be shocked at how far it has come.

Many of us say, we will not go to a nursing home, I don’t need or want Long-Term Care. However, did you know that by having a Long-Term Care policy, you might be able to stay in your home? The Long Term Care policies of today can offer coverage for visiting nurses, skilled nursing care, help in the home with activities of daily living, homemaker assistance which is cleaning and bill paying, assisted living services, and adult day care. More than half of the US Population will require some type of long-term care during their lives.* Our population is living longer than ever before, yet people do not have long-term care policies. If you were to ask for a show of hands of people who have auto or homeowners insurance, the hands would all go up. Yet our chances of a home burning down or of being in an auto accident for all the hours we spend in our car each day are very slim.   I’m confident if I asked for a show of hands on Long-Term Care insurance, few would go up.

Some people say they are worried they’ll pay all this money for a long-term care policy and die in their home and never have used it. Do you know that there are now policies out there that can be used as EITHER Long-Term Care OR Life insurance? If you need to have assisted living, a nurse to come in or be moved to a nursing home-you’ve got the coverage. If you do not, that money will be used towards a life insurance policy at the time of your death. The options in today’s society with Long Term care are endless. The cost of Long-Term care in today’s society is eye opening and it is only going up. Do you know the average monthly cost for a nursing home can be anywhere from $4,000-$8,000/month. It can range from $90-250/day.* You do not have to spend very long in a specialized care facility to have a very large bill. Even if you have homemaker services or a home health aide that comes into your home, the average hourly charge is $20. For five hours of care a day, you are looking at $100. Maybe you just need adult day care while your caregiver works during the day-the average cost is $69 per day.*   Again, it does not take long to deplete a life time of savings in just a few short months.

Long-term Care allows you to protect the assets you have worked hard for all of your life. You can continue to protect and look out for your family’s best interest. You don’t have to be scared to see what the future holds but can be assured that whatever your future holds, you are ready for it. I encourage you to call or stop by today and see what I can offer you to protect yourself and your family so whatever the future holds you are ready.

*Source-Webce.com-Iowa Long Term Care: Programs, Policies, & Partnerships

By Tressa Walton


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